The MX-7 series are known around the world as the workhorse of the  Maule Inc. Aircraft line. The MX-7 can easily be outfitted for work and for luxurious cross-country cruising. With it’s fast cruise speed and slow stall speed, the M-7 is a very comfortable and safe travel airplane. The MX-7 can be put on straight or amphibious floats.

Note: Since many Maule models share similar features and specs, the most notable differentiating features are highlighted in bold.


Landing Gear Configuration:


Landing Gear Type:

Oleo Strut or Spring Aluminum Gear

Engine Type:


Engine Model:



81” McCauley Constant Speed Prop - 2 blade

No. of Seats:


Useful Load: (avg.)

895 lbs. (235B)    847 lbs. (235C)

Cruising Speed: (75% power at optimum altitude):

160 mph

Wing Span:

32.9 feet

Wing Area:

165.6 sq. feet.


23.5 feet


8.3 feet

Cabin Width:

42 inches

Gross Weight:

2500 lbs.

Empty Weight:

1605 lbs. (235B)   1653 lbs. (235C)

Fuel Capacity:

73 gal.

Stall speed (with full flaps, 1 pilot, 1/2 tank of fuel)

40 mph

Takeoff distance: (1 pilot, 1/2 tank of fuel)

250 feet

Takeoff distance at gross over 50’ high obstacle:

600 feet

Rate of Climb: (1 pilot, 1/2 tank of fuel)

1500 fpm

Land at gross over 50’ obstacle:

500 feet

Best Climb Speed:

90 mph

Service Ceiling:

20,000 feet

Fuel Consumption (65% power):

12 gph (B4B5)    11 gph (W1A5)

Flap Settings:

-7, 0, 24, 40, 48 (degrees)

Engine Guide:

O-540-B4B5 engine

235hp Lycoming - carbureted

IO-540-W1A5 engine

235hp Lycoming fuel injected