Bo-208B Specs and Performance


Technical Data

Aircraft Type:                                                      BOELKOW  JUNIOR

Manufacturer:                                                     BOELKOW  - APPARATEBAU GmbH
                                                                              Nabern/Teck Wuerttemberg

First Year of Manufacture:                                1963

Type of Construction:                                         Shoulder Wing, Struts, Enclosed Cabin

Building Material:                                                Aluminium and Composite

Airworthiness Category:                                    CAR Part 3,  Standart and Utility

No. of Seats:                                                         Two, side by side

Engine:                                                                  4 Cylinder, opposite opposed, aircooled,
                                                                               CONTINENTAL  O-200

Engine Performance:                                         100 hp at 2750 rpm

Propeller:                                                             McCauley 1 A 100 MCM 6758 or
                                                                               fixed pitch

Landing Gear:                                                      fixed trycycle, steerable nosewheel


Empty Weight:                                                    790 lbs

Fuel and Oil:                                                       134 lbs

Baggage:                                                                44 lbs

Max Takeoff Weight
Standart:                                                               1325 lbs
Utility/Acrobatic:                                                 1270 lbs

Wing loading:                                                      14 lbs/sqft

Power loading:                                                    13.22 lbs/ hp


Wingspan:                                                            16.36 feet
                                                                               17.68 feet with extended wingtips

Length:                                                                  19.17 feet

Height:                                                                  4.37 feet

Wing area:                                                            94.20 sqft
                                                                                 102.15 sqft with extended wingtips

Width of Landing Gear:                                     6.41 feet

Tire Size (all Tires):                                            5.00 x 5

Fuel Capacity:                                                      21.0  US Gal or
                                                                                26.4   US Gal optional


at 1325 lbs MTOW

Max Operating:                                                        153 KCAS

Max Level:                                                                124 KTAS

Max Cruise 75%:                                                      112 KTAS

Touchdown:                                                               51 KCAS

Takeoff Run, Grass, MSL, ISA:                               900 feet

Takeoff Run 50 feet, Grass, MSL, ISA:                 1720 feet

Landing Roll:                                                            770 feet

Landing Distance:                                                   1480 feet

ROC at Cruise Climb 76 KCAS:                             690 feet/min

Service Ceiling:                                                       13.000 feet

Range at 67% at 6.000 feet:                                   366 NM

Fuel Consumption at 67%:                                    6.1 US Gal/ hour